Are your needs being met?
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Are your needs being met?
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Are your needs being met?

We are all born with basic needs, both physical and emotional.
Our physical needs should be quite obvious, food, water and shelter, these provide us with the very basic requirements for survival, but we also have a number of emotional needs which, if not adequately met, can result in emotional disorders.

Our emotional needs are:

  • The need for security, to feel safe in order to grow and develop
  • The need to be able to give and receive attention.
  • A sense of control over our lives.
  • Emotional intimacy-friendship or relationship.
  • Feeling part of a wider community
  • Privacy
  • A sense of status within society
  • A sense of competence and achievement
  • Meaning and purpose, which comes from being stretched in what we do and think.

These emotional needs are called The Human Givens (
Part of the 'therapy' side of what I do incorporates looking at a clients life, the issue they have presented with and identifying which of these needs are missing.

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