October already! Smokers, success and dark winter evenings.
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October already! Smokers, success and dark winter evenings.

Well here we are, October already and Christmas appearing in the shops!
For me October means a month of people embracing a new healthier way of life with the annual stop smoking campaign. Hypnotherapy is known to be one of the most successful methods of helping you to quit smoking and Monday saw 4 more people leave their cigarettes in my office bin, including one person who had been smoking up to 100 a day!
From clients' success to my own. 2014 has been great. I've now been in my new Cwmbran location for a year and what a busy year it's been, so much so that I haven't had a full week off since last Christmas (not something I recommend) so I am looking forward to my week off from the 20th :)
I have recently joined the 'Best Of Torfaen' networking group for local businesses and it is lovely to be able to chat to other like minded hard working people who are passionate about their business. If you are a small business owner, homeworker, party planner or sole trader and you are finding that your enthusiasm and motivation dwindles during the winter months (and sales dwindle with it) then book a one off motivation session with me for a boost of inspiration.
Talking of winter months the dark mornings and evenings are upon us and with the clocks set to change very soon it's a time when some people can find that they start to feel a bit down. The more time that you can spend out doors in unfiltered daylight the better, even on a dull day, try stepping outside for a short walk during your break time. If you find that winter is really getting you down it can be a good idea to have a chat to your GP to discuss the help available, hypnotherapy is an alternative that can help lift the mood and reboot your motivation.
Next month I am off to London to work with a weight loss expert and tv personality. I'm excited to be bringing something new to hypnotherapy in this area. Watch this space.....;)
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