Hypnotherapy. What is it?
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Hypnotherapy. What is it?

Whenever I tell people what my career is I can guarantee I will get a mixed reaction. Some back away in horror! Others ask the usual questions, Can you make me quack like a duck? Can you make me stop eating chocolate? And a few people will know someone who has had hypnotherapy to quit smoking or deal with a phobia.
But what is hypnotherapy? What does it feel like?
Well, the easiest way I can describe the feeling is that it's like very relaxed daydreaming. There's nothing magical about it , you are neither asleep or unconscious, you remain in complete control, able to open your eyes and get up at any point. Despite being a very relaxing experience your brain is working extremely hard during the session which is what makes it so effective for so many issues.

You can find out more by booking a FREE initial consultation in either Newport or Cwmbran by calling 07766 565896 or emailing me on sarah.hypno@fsmail.net There is no obligation to book further appointments so come along for a chat, free relaxation CD included.

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