Women's Lung Cancer Deaths Set to Rise.
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Women's Lung Cancer Deaths Set to Rise.

A new study aimed at estimating the death rate from all forms of cancer in the EU, has found that lung cancer is now a bigger killer than breast cancer for women in the UK. The predicted UK death rate for female lung cancer this year is over 15,000. This is thought in part to be caused by the long-term effect of the greater number of women smokers during the 1960s and 70's. This evidence reinforces the fact that the dangerous side effects of smoking may not appear for many decades. Women who become non-smokers before they are 40 can significantly reduce the risk of dying from a smoking related illness, and quitting at any age will bring benefits.
Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways of helping people become non-smokers. A single 90 minute session is all that is required. The cost of the session is £150, an average 20 a day smoker will save this in less than a month, and in the long term, it could save your life.
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