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 *"Before starting hypnotherapy I was open minded about whether it would work for me and how successful it could be. I suffer from anxiety attacks mainly when in large shopping areas like supermarkets and would avoid situations that I thought would cause an attack".
"After five sessions with Sarah I now view these situations in a different light and feel free from the anxiety that once ruled my life. The treatment has worked very well for me and this may be because I have fully embraced the therapy and given it every chance to work".
"After years of being on high medication that didn't fully resolve my problems I am now almost off them and living my life free from the worries of the past".
"I can't thank Sarah enough for all the help she has provided and I would suggest to anyone unsure whether hypnotherapy would work for them to give it a go as it can be life changing".
August 2014. 

*Results may vary from person to person
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